How much for car insurance for 20 in ny?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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I'm sorry but it is not that easy. Car insurance is based on many different variables. For starters age, sex, location, the car, and previous driving history. This is not even including what type of policy you have chose which also greatly affects the price. Those stupid commercials make it seems like it is as easy as going into a store to buy milk. Almost all the sites give you free quotes online.

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Q: How much for car insurance for 20 in ny?
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Can I register my car in NY but insure it in FL?

In order to register your car in NY you will need an insurance bar code with valid NYS insurance.

Where can I find good and low auto insurance in NY?

You can go to to search for car insurance in the NY region.

Where can I find low rate car insurance in NY? can help you fins insurance in your state.

Can you get car insurance in NY without a driver's license?

Progressive will give you insurance without your license but its not as cheap.

Which companies offer the best rates on car insurance in NY?

Geico offeres great rates for divers in NY.

How much is the toll from Albany NY to Rochester NY?


What company has the best car insurance in NY?

Geico is known to have the best car insurance rate in NY.But other companies like allstate are not bad too.

Does New York have any kind of car theft insurance?

Yes, NY does. The major car insurance company for all cases of theft and accident is Geico.

What are the best places in New York to get auto insurance quotes?

You can go to to search for car insurance in the NY region.

Should my student who attends college in NY, but main resident is in Texas, be required to buy car insurance NY?

No. You need to buy auto insurance in the state in which you're legally resident.

Am I required by law to have Auto Insurance in NY?

To own and drive a car in New York, you must register your car and obtain license plates. one must have the auto insurance in NY and that is by law. anyone breaking the law can get severe finds.

Does NY state pay for your damages when you hit a deer?

The state of NY is not going to pay for damages to your car if you hit a deer. You need to make a police report and contact your car insurance agent.