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it depends on the game if the games are all scrached up they probaly wont buy it has to work for them to give you money for it you can turn in a 2k12 game and it will probaly be 20 it depend on wicth game and if its not scrached up

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Q: How much does play n trade buy games for?
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Does Play n Trade buy World of Warcraft games?

No they do not. WoW is a subscription based service.

Where can you buy used Pokemon games in Montreal?

I don't know where Montreal is but you can usually find games at game stop or play and trade.

What is the furniture cheat on secret builders?

play games,buy it srry not much help:(

Can you trade games at Best Buy?


Are Xbox 360 games sold in cash converters expensive?

Well you can buy cheap xbox games at Eb games or you can trade your games that you don't play to get the game free and i do believe you can pre-order games as well.

If you trade your Xbox in eb games for a Xbox 360 how much cost?

eb games or gamestop does not buy regular xbox so you will et no money for it.

How much will Pokemon Black and White at walmart?

I believe it's 35.99. At Play n' Trade, EB games, Gamestop you can buy them used for cheaper. That's what I did when I bought Black version, cause I'm cheap!

Where can you buy gba Pokemon games in nz?

on trade me =)

How do you get cash on miniplanet?

You mean Credits and play games or buy stuff and selll it for a bigger price at lvl 13 when you can trade :D hope i helped

What sort of service does Play N Trade provide to its users?

Play N Trade is a company that offer to buy customers used video games and console via the mail. Ratings of this site are mixed as they sometimes seem to offer very low prices for people trade ins.

Where ican play play free Pokemon games?

you can buy Pokemon games

Are there ways to get video games cheaper?

Trade them at Game-traders or at other place where they trade em. Or buy used games. =]