How much does it take to insure a car?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Depends on location, your age, driving experience, type of car, tickets/accidents on your report, zip code, and what you put as deductibles . Varies between states, cities, and regions.

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Q: How much does it take to insure a car?
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How much does it cost to insure a car, at the bare minimum?

The bare minimum to insure a car is $500

How can you insure lamborghini?

Yes, you can pretty much insure any car if you can afford it.

Can you put insure in a sentence?

I will insure your car so repairs don't cost as much.

How much insurance is for a teenager that has a sports car?

i do not have a driving licence but ca i insure a car

Can you insure a car in Texas with an Australian driver's license?

you can insure a car with no license

Can you insure your car for any driver?

You can insure the car if you list those drivers on the policy.

Can you insure your car on a revoked licence?

No. You must have a valid driver's license to insure your car.

Can you insure your car without registration?

Yes, some companies will insure your car without registration.

Is it possible to insure a car that doesn't belong to you?

If you insure it in the name of the person who owns the car, yes.

How much would it be for a lady 22 years old to insure a 2 litre car?

how much is it to insure a 22 year lady for a 2 .litre car

Do you need a drivers license to insure a car ?

In order to insure a car you must have a vaild drivers license for the state you are insuring your car in.

What is the best company to use to insure my car?

Farmers offers good plans that do not cost to much.