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I think its about 703 Crowns. So you might wanna try the "$5.00" choice which is the "2500" :)

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Q: How much does it cost to go to Firecat Alley?
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How do you get into krokotopia in wizard 101?

do all the quests of nolan stormgate on cyclops lane, private Quinn on firecat alley, Stephanie gryphonbane on Triton avenue, ceren nightchant on unicorn way, and the headmaster. once you've completed cyclops lane, firecat alley and Triton avenue(ignore the sidequests if you like) you will be told to a)help out in collosus boulevard b)defeat foulgaze collosus boulevard is optional. defeat foulgaze, return to headmaster. you will be told to defeat lord nightshade. talk to the headmaster and you'll get to go to krokotopia! good luck! wat

In wizard 101 do you have to be a member to go to the oasis?

Look the easiest why is to become a member, but you can also buy 1500 crowns. Then buy Firecat Alley and Cyclops Lane. Finish all quests in Olde Town. Then talk to the Headmaster (I forgot his name >.<) He'll give you a quest that allows you to go to not only the oasis, but many other places as well.

How do go to krokatopia on wizard101?

To go to Krokotopia, you need to beat Firecat Alley, Triton Avenue, Colossus Boulevard, and Cyclops Lane. Then Merle Ambrose will ask you to defeat Lord Nightshade in the Stormdrain Tower, which is in the Haunted Cave. Then he will ask you to go to Krokotopia. Keep in mind that you have to buy Krokotopia with Crowns, and you don't need to beat Sunken City to go to Krokotopia. My name is Alex Dragonthorn. add me!

How do you go to fire cat alley with out paying in wizard 101?

u cant

Where is captain arf's treasure map in Petpet Park?

Go to Pirate Alley and go near the bowling game. Click on the pile of sand.

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Do you have to pay to go to krokotopia?

You just have to be a member and finish firecat alley and ect. and in order to finish firecat alley or cyclops lane or whatever, you have to subscribe so it means you have to pay.

How do you get to firecat alley?

You need to be a member/pay-by-area, then go to the commons, then shopping district, then olde town, finally go to the left of Triton avenue then there is firecat alley. [If you pay with crowns it costs 750].

Where do you go after tritonavenue in wizard101?

Firecat Alley, Cyclops Lane and the Dark Cave.

How do you get to firecat alley free in wizard 101?

I am sorry to say that there is only one way to get into Firecat Alley free. It is not likely to happen, but if you are given a gift card for Wizard 101, you can redeem crowns and buy the area with the crowns. If you were talking about not spending crowns, there sadly is no possible way to get in free. Sorry. :(

Is there a code to go to firecat alley in wizard 101?

If you go all the way down Firecat Alley to the ramp, go down and up. Ignore the bridges that are to your left. Next, locate the Fireglobe Theater. Go to the patch of grass on the right. Wander around in that grassy area until you find the Smith. Good luck finding the others!

Do you need to be a member to go in Firecat Alley on Wizard101?

If you can't get in you probably need to be a member, or if it askes you to sign up that is probably the case.

How do you go to firecat alley?

u just need to mostly do all the quests in the wizzard city,cyclops lane .triton avenune , once u beat al those you get crowns for each... it really worked for me i first had 101 crowns then like 1200 crowns didnt pay a cent =D hope it helped

How do you get to dark cave on wizard101?

There are two ways. Since the place is a paying only area, you will need to either be a member (members get unlimited access to all areas in the Spiral) or buy some more crowns to buy the area. If you brought Firecat Alley and/or Cyclopes Lane, the Dark Cave comes free with the purchase of one or two of the areas I just mentioned.

What level to go in Bartleby?

It doesn't matter as long as you have brought Firecat Alley and Cyclops Lane then did those quests then defeat Foulgaze and Nightshade for Merle Ambrose then enter Bartleby (FIRST WORLD TO ENTER IS KROKOTOPIA) XD .

How much is rental shoes at a bowling alley?

around $3.50 or more. depends on where you go. AMF houses cost more then privately owned

How do go to areas on free wizard101 trial without paying?

Open that old wallet of your parent's and get out the credit card to pay for it in the legal way.

In wizard 101 how do you unlock the collousal boulveyards?

you have to finish the tasks with private Quinn on firecat alley and nolan stormgate on cyclops lane and when you finish those tasks hedmaster ambrose will grant you permission to go onto colouss bolevard. You have to buy colouss boulevard.