How much does a vanilla one prepaid gift card cost?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A vanilla prepaid gift card costs about 3.95 dollars.

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Q: How much does a vanilla one prepaid gift card cost?
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How can you use a prepaid vanilla visa gift card for overseas transaction if the card is only valid in the US?

The vanilla visa gift card can't be use outside of US. If you want something like that, other type of visa gift cards are available from other banks

Can you use a prepaid vanilla visa gift card in Puerto Rico?

Sure . Is accepted in every place in Puerto Rico that accept Visa !

Do you need money on a prepaid debit card to buy things?

Yes, a prepaid debit card is not much different than a gift card, except you buy it for yourself instead of as a gift for someone else..

Is there a poker site you can use your vanilla gift card?


ARe prepaid gift cards a good gift idea?

If you want to give a prepaid gift card as a birthday gift or Christmas gift then I would not mind. But make sure you watch out for the extra fees it charges you with .

Can you buy a prepaid debit card visa mastercard etc with a target gift card?


Where can I buy a Mastercard gift card?

You can purchase a prepaid Mastercard gift card at Wal-Mart or Target. Also, you should check out Super America gas station's, as they carry many prepaid credit cards and gift cards.

What do you call those prepaid credit card things?

gift cards

What are the fees associated with giving a prepaid visa credit card as a gift?

There are no fees for giving prepaid visa credit card as gift. You must take care to instruct the recipient about all terms and conditions for best use of the card.

Can a minor buy a visa gift card?

yes they can ..... today i saw a kid buying a prepaid credit card.... so a gift card is so easy to get

Do prepaid gift cards ever expire?

Yes, prepaid gift cards ever expire. However, some gift cards like paypal gift card don't so you should check with the agency.

Something you buy at a gift store which starts with letter v?

VISA Gift Card - A prepaid card that you can use to buy stuff on or offline.