How much does a human sleep?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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If you meant human: on average, a human should sleep at least 8-10 hours, no more, no less. but on average, human normally sleeps for only 5-7 hours.

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Q: How much does a human sleep?
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Do house bunny's sleep?

well, the aswear is yes, but not merly as much as a human.

How much sleep is the average human ten year old girl supposed to have?

9-10 hours of sleep.

If a puppy is teething will it sleep a lot?

More than likley yes because they are just like human beings so they will still sleep just not as much.

Why can't human sleep in the same room with an animal?

If a person is already asleep an an animal comes in the same room to sleep then human beings can sleep with animals.

Why does human need to sleep?

Human needs to sleep because sleep is needed for growth and development of body. It may also lead to faster heeling of an injured part.

How many hours sleep does a human need?

human need 8-10 ours of sleep children need a little more 9-12 ours of sleep

Did Gandhi have to sleep?

Of course he did! He was a human, after all!

How many hours of sleep does a cricketer need?

they're human aren't they? so wouldn't the answer be how many hours of sleep does a human need? and the answer is about 8 hours.

Why was Hypnos important to ancient Greeks?

Hypnos was the god of sleep. Sleep is important to human health.

Similarities of human geography and physical geography?

they both eat and sleep and drink

Can you teach a dog to sleep like a human?


Does every human fart in their sleep?

Yes, of course.