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He makes 500 million a year

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Q: How much does Al Roker earn per year?
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You earn 52000 per year how much do you earn per week?


How much do most people earn per year?

earn what?

How much does a pulmonologist earn in a year?

A pulmonologist may earn about $200,000 -per year.

How much does bryce Harper earn per year?

$500,000.00 per year

How much does a florist earn per year?

An experienced florist can earn up to £19000 per year hope this helps

How much an LPN earn in a year?

$35,000 per year

How much does a milkman earn a year?

£29,000 per year

How much does a C A earn?

$1 per year

How much drogba earn per year?

€ 4,860,000

How much does a farmer earn?

If he has a good year he can earn up to 4 million dollars per year

How much does Cesar Millan earn per year?

1million a year

How much does a psychiatrist earn per year?

From $20000 a year to $100000 a year.