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it depends on their age...

1-3 30 lbs

3-5 50 lbs

5-7 65 lbs

7-10 70 lbs

10-13 130 lbs

14-20 200 lbs

20-30-230 lbs

30 & up 300 lbs

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Q: How much do chubby people weight?
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How much overweight do you have to be to be considered as chubby?

There is not a set weight because it is all based on a matter of opinion. Some people have a lot of muscle and weigh a lot, but they don't look chubby. While others do not have not as much muscle, they appear "chubby". All in all this is a question with no real answer.

How do you get chubby cheeks without putting body weight?

Many people get Botox injections to get chubby cheeks without putting on body weight. This seems to be a trend in Hollywood and many feel it makes you look younger.

Gain chubby cheeks?

Gain weight.

Im 13 5'6 and 132 am i overweight?

No your tall. You might be chubby but chubby isn't over weight.

If you weigh 80 pounds how much of your weight is muscle?

That all depends on your physical condition. The only way to know is to have a "BMI" test (Body Mass Index) which determines your boy makeup... how much is fat, muscle, etc. Your body fat percent and lean body mass is entirely independent of your weight. There are muscular people and chubby people who both have the same weight- you can't know how much muscle you have by weight alone.

Female chubby chasers?

A female chubby chaser is a woman who enjoys men who are plus size or heavier in weight. Male chubby chasers are men who enjoy voluptuous women.

What can a 10 year old do to lose weight?

I would go with exercise my niece Emily was a little chubby she lost so much weight in soccer. It can also build confidence.

How much is chubby brown worth?

Net worth Roy chubby brown

Who is a chubby boy?

There's no medical definition of "chubby". It would be somewhere between the point of a normal weight and the classification of being overweight.

You are a little chubby but have been told you're underweight it's confusing?

People might be lying to you about your weight so you won't feel bad.

How much does aubrey Graham weight?

drake actually used to be chubby as a kid,then on his degrassi days he was he bulked up and hes all buff.

What is the proper term for someone who is into chubby chicks?

the proper term for someone who is into a chubby chicks they are chubby people or they are very healthy and chubby chicks jus for fun or some good looking.