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It depends on the celebrity, magazine, editor, and pose. Famous celebrities posing for popular magazines are likely to get paid alot. Women posing half nude are all so likely to get more because men are more likely to buy it. Like I said, it all depends.

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Q: How much do celebrities get paid to do magazine cover?
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How much would a female singer be paid for a magazine cover?

Whatever the publication is willing to pay them.

How much does a skate photographer get paid?

You get paid per photo or ad so depends on what it is if its like a magazine cover or just a picture in the inside

How much does a magazine editor gat paid?

how much does a magazine editor get payed how much does a magazine editor get payed

Do nurses and pop stars get paid the same do celbrates get paid to much?


How much does Nick Jonas get paid?

According to Forbes magazine The Jonas Brothers are in the top ten of the most paid celebrities at number 8. They've made $25 million in the past year ,but idk how they split the money among themselves... hoped that helped =]

How much they pay model to be on front cover of a magazine?

That varies on a number of factors such as what kind of magazine it is, whether it is a local, regional or national cover and what the budget is agreed upon between the client and the modeling agency. Most models that get covers for national magazines get paid over $1000.

How much do the celebrities on big brother get paid?

Depends on who they are. They all get different amounts

How much do celebrities like Michael Jackson get paid?

It really depends on how good the are

How much do celebrities get paid every month?

It depends on who the celebrity is, what they do, which company they work for, and how good they do their job.

How much money do celebrities lawyers get paid?

About 500 to 700 dollars every 2 hours

Do celebrities on jeopardy get paid?

Yes they get paid by donations to the favorite charity.

How much does a vougue model earn?

If the model is just appearing in an editorial advertisement in Vogue, they aren't paid that much. In the U.S.A, editorial models that appear in ads for publications like Vogue are paid between $150-$300 per day. However, if a model is given a full spread in the magazine and/or the cover, the pay range could be from a few hundred to $1,000+. It all depends on how much the model's agent is able to negotiate with the magazine.