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Q: How much damage cause to your body?
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What does overdose do to the body?

It would cause the body liver damage, brain damage, or most likely death. It depends on how much the body intakes, and of what.

What effects does narcotics have on the body?

it can cause brain damage,lung cancer and other body deaseses....seviere damage to the body

How can candy effect your body?

Eating too much candy can cause brain damage, can help you gain weight, cause diebetes, etc.

What causes throttle body damage?

Damage to the throttle body is caused by corrosion or direct impacts. A loose connection can cause nearby components to strike and damage the throttle body.

How much damage did hurricane Ike cause?

Hurricane Ike cause about $37.6 billion in damage.

How much damage does a cause?


How much damage did Typhoon Marge cause?

Not much

How much damage did Mount Tambora cause to the economy?

It did a lot of damage.

What are oxygen derivatives that cause body damage?

Free Radicals

Which is the most unproductive organ in your body but it can do much harm to the body?

The appendix. You don't really NEED it, but its like an extra backup filter, just in case. It can also cause much damage to your body if it gets infected, which is why it needs to be taken out.

How much damage can a blizzard cause?


How do you cause damage to your skin?

to much sun