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50000 per episode for a 20 days slot in a month

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Q: How much daily soap actors get paid per episode?
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How much does main daily soap actor and actress get paid?

Daily soap opera actors get paid different amounts depending on their popularity on the show and how long they have been working. Some only get paid around $500 to $700 per episode. Other older, more seasoned soap opera stars get paid upwards of $2,000 per episode.

How much did the actors on the wire get paid per episode?


How much to gold rush reality show actors get paid?

$750 per episode

What does the cast from Jersey Shore want to get paid?

Each of the actors get paid about 3million an episode

How much do The Simpsons actors get paid?

According to the Hollywood trade paper Variety, the actors got paid $125,000 per episode in 2004, but demanded a bigger share, so they had $360,000.

How much do teen actors get paid for each episode?

It depends. Miranda Cosgrove earns $180,000 per episode. Selena Gomez got paid $25,000 per episode while doing Wizards of Waverly Place. It depends how good of an actor you are and what show you're on. Victoria Justice is paid $12,000 per episode.

How much were the actors on the Friends tv show originally paid?

In the original contracts for the first season of Friends, cast members were paid $22,500 per episode. In the tenth and final season each cast member was paid $1 million per episode.

How much was Jamie Farr paid?

Jamie Farr had been paid a daily salary of $250 when he was booked during the first two seasons. After he became a regular during the third season, he was paid $750 a week until he fought for a raise. He said in his biography, that the lead actors of M*A*S*H were paid about $40,000 Dollars per episode, during the later years.

How much does kelli finglass get paid?

how much doe kelly finglass get paid per episode

How mu chdo actors get paid on degrassi per episode?

Based on popularity, the base for actors on degrassi is $2000 pay per episode

How much do ABC Lost actors get paid?

Sawyer makes 80,000 an episode, as do the other main characters. The other less central characters make 10-30,000 per episode.

How much do teacher get paid daily?

Not enough (: