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Q: How much critenine 3 level can effect kidney?
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What effect would drinking too much Epsom salts have on your kidney?

you will die.

What if blood urea level is low?

Too much or too little urea nitrogen in the blood could signify kidney problems.

Does memory effect your maturity level?

Memory does effect your maturity level, example: If you don't remember much than you start acting immature, like acting out in public. -Christine Forte

How does Obesity effect your stress level?

When you are have obesity you are to heavy to walk far so your stressed putting to much effort

What does it mean if you have a spot on your kidney?

Propberly too much smoking causes liver and kidney problem

How does caffeine effect your health?

caffeine is actually a drug. if you have too much, you could get addicted. once you get addicted and drink/eat too much of it, you get very hyper. therefore, you could have a heart attack, spasm or heart/kidney problems.

What happens if you get to much calcium?

Kidney stones

How much do kidney stones weigh?


Adult female cat urinating all over the house not in her litter box what to do?

Take her to the veterinarian. She either has a bladder or kidney infection or she has stones from to much ash in her food. She will not get better without medical intervention. Eventually, it will effect her kidneys and she will die. Kidney failure is one of the main causes of untimely death for cats.

Which kidney is higher?

The right kidney sits under the liver, the largest internal organ. So it's lower down (2-8cm lower) than the left kidney which is under the spleen, a much smaller organ. The tops of the spleen and liver are pretty much in line due to the diaphragm, which is why where their lower borders are makes such a difference.

How much does an kidney operators make?

How much a kidney operator or nephrologist makes depends on experience and qualification. The average salary for this position in the US is 210,355 US dollars.

How can people survive with one kidney?

The short story is that the remaining kidney is able to compensate for the lost kidney relatively rapidly. This occurs especially through hormonal changes that allow the remaining kidney to increase how much work it does.Kidney work is measured by a term called the glomerular filtration rate (GFR), which indicates how much blood the kidney filters per unit time. After the removal of a kidney, hormonal changes occur that ultimately cause GFR in the remaining kidney to increase. Provided that the remaining kidney is healthy and that an adequate GFR is ultimately reached, individuals will survive with a single kidney with few complications.