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a h-bond is 20 times as strong as a covalent bond

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Q: How much covalent bond is stronger than a hydrogen bond?
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How does a Li-O bond differ from an O-H bond?

Lithium has a much lower electronegativity than hydrogen, therefore it forms a much stronger, ionic bond, and hydrogen forms a weaker covalent bond with oxygen.

Is a hydrogen bond stronger than a polar covalent bond?

A hydrogen bond is weaker than a covalent bond.

How does a hydrogen bond compare to covalent bond?

The short answer, without too much research or effort on my part, is that hydrogen bonds are weaker. The are due to the attraction of hydrogen to other elements (such as oxygen) that have lone pairs swimming around. Covalent bonds are due to electronic effects, and as such are stronger.

Which chemical bond is hardest to break?

they can Barack easily because you mite be working a bout and you twist your foot it can bracken you bones

Which has a stronger covalent bond carbon diamond or silicon?

Carbon (diamond) is much harder and stronger

What is the weakest a covalent bond hydrogen bond or an ion?

hydrogen bonding is considered to be a intermolecular force which is much weaker than any intramolecular force (chemical bonds covalent or ion)

Which type of bonding involving electrons being shared is the strongest?

The strongest electron shared bond is the covalent bond. The covalent bond is much more stronger than a single bond but it is also much less stable.

Is a covalent bond stronger than a ionic bond?

No, Covalent bonds are when valence electrons are shared between atoms in a compound whereas Ionic is a much stronger bond because the electrons are transferred from one atom to another creating ions which bond to each other

Covalent bonds are generally less stable than ionic bonds?

trueYes, they are. Covalent bonds are the strongest type of intramolecular bond, and hydrogen bonds are the strongest type of intermolecular bond. However, intramolecular bonds (within molecules or compounds) are ALWAYS stronger that intermolecular bonds (between molecules), so covalent bonds are much stronger that hydrogen bonds.

Which bond is strongest hydrogen bonding or polar bonding?

Peptide bond is a covalent bond. Covalent bonds are stronger than hydrogen bonds. Think of electrons as the glue of a molecule. A covalent bond has electron interaction uniformity(They're glue is pretty consistent between two atoms). Now hydrogen bonds don't have as much glue; think of it as a few smeared drops of glue. So why do they have not as much glue(a weaker interaction than peptide bonds)? That's because Hydrogen bonds have hydrogens bonded to an electronegative atom(that means they like electrons). An example of an electronegative atom would be oxygen. Oxygen(or any given electronegative atom) will briefly take hydrogen's only electron when they pair up. So hydrogen's electron spends more time around the oxygen because it takes longer to circle around oxygen due to it being bigger than hydrogen. We know electrons have negative charge, so what happens when hydrogen's electron is over near the oxygen? Hydrogen gets a partial positive charge, and oxygen gets a partial negative charge!

Is the covalent bond that holds a hydrogen molecule together a single or double covalent bond?

The bond between carbon and hydrogen atoms is covalent.

What kind or chemical bond are the high energy bonds Ionic or Covalent?

As a generalization, ionic bonds are much stronger than covalent bonds.