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Q: How much copper in the body is too much?
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How much copper is in the body?

On average there are between 50 and 120 mg of copper in the body. Too much copper is not good for you. If you are double jointed or you can do a back bend you have too much copper in your body. But if you take gymnastics or something like that then your fine but almost everyone has too much copper in their bodies. If you look on the back of the food package it says how much copper there is. 2% is okay but if there's 15% then that's too much.

What is Watkins disease?

When the body produces too much copper

Does the human body need copper?

Yes, the human body does need copper. Taking in too much vitamin C will reduce the amount of copper in your body and can lead to stomach ache and kidney failure +++ Not sure about excessive Vit.C, but excess copper is certainly poisonous. Like the other metals the body needs, the correct quantities and compounds are quite critical

What does your body normally do with copper that it does not do with Wilson's Disease?

Wilson's Disease is a disease in which the body contains too much copper. This is due to chromosome 13 malfunctions. Chromosome 13 is the chromosome held with the repsonsibilty of cleansing the liver. If it does not work, the liver and brain will store copper causing many problems within the body.

Is copper hazardous to your health?

Only if you have too much of it

What can you do if your swimming pool has too much cooper?

Cooper or coPPer ? Too much cOOper , then ask Cooper to get out of the pool !!

Can too much copper cause body odor?

Exact same query I have. I don't know the answer, but the fact that I almost typed that literal phrase into the google machine would indicate that we both think we have B.O. and think we have a copper imbalance.

Does copper break apart?

Copper is malleable, it can be bent and it will not break, but bending it back and forth too much may break it.

What is the body of aeroplane made of?

An aeroplane body is made up of an alloy (meaning: mixture of metals) of aluminium and copper. This is as aluminium is very light and cheap, but it needs copper as aluminium is too brittle. This way the plane have a weight of aluminium but the felexibility of copper!

Why is gold not used as an electrical wiring?

Too expensive, it would be stolen (as it is there are people stealing copper electrical wiring, and copper is much cheaper than gold).

Are pennies older than 1982 made of just copper?

They're not quite pure copper, but rather an alloy of 95% copper and 5% zinc. Pure copper would have been a bit too soft and would wear too much in daily use.

What happens if the body has too much of fats?

If your body has too much fat, you will be unattractive and babes won't come hither.