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Absolutely not one drop if he hasn't showered really recently. My personal opinion is like the old Brylcreem commercial says, "A little dab'll do ya". Too, you might wish to check with the wonderful comedian Sebastian Maniscalco, I believe he recommends something like 2 or 3 sprays in the air with a walk through. Hes also got some pretty awesome showering tips. Be careful to not to let your cologne clash with your body wash. Some of those smell pretty awesome, the Old Spice Fiji is a favorite here. Jovan Musk for Men is a great cologne. Beware, don't use Jovan if you don't want women and some men to compliment you on it. Final tip, its better to not wear any at all than to overdo it. Oh yeah, deodorant, a must... just sayin... Now, get out of here and go smell awesome!!!!

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Q: How much cologne should a man wear?
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How to Find the Right Cologne for Men?

Cologne can make for the perfect gift to any boyfriend. First, you can never go wrong with traditional colognes that have been around for years. There is a reason certain classy colognes stay in style. They simply smell amazing and make men look more attractive. If you want to appeal to a man with a gift of cologne, then trying giving him an Armani or Dolce & Gabbana cologne. There is nothing sexier then a man wearing either of these scents. You should be sure to pay attention to any scents that your man notices. If your man notices another guy wearing a particular scent, then be sure to ask that man for the name of that scent. Your guy will be thrilled to receive a gift of a cologne that shows your thoughtfulness and ability to listen to his desires. Many men do not like wearing colognes that are too strong. You should definitely try to avoid picking out colognes that have an overbearing musk to them. These colognes will simply turn off a guy and make him never want to wear the cologne again. Instead, try picking out subtle colognes that make your man feel powerful. If your man feels powerful and like he can own the world, then he will be more apt to wearing the cologne you have picked out for him. The more that you can cater to a man's personal sense of style, the more likely he is to wear a cologne you have picked out for him. You may even want to take a look in your boyfriend's bathroom and see what colognes he already owns. You should be sure to pick out a cologne for him that he loves and cherishes. If you notice your boyfriend consistently wears an Armani cologne, then you may want to pick out this cologne for him.

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