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Q: How much clearance does a furnace cold air return need?
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Do you need a cold air return on your furnace?

YES! If you do not have a cold air return on your furnace, you will have much higher heating bills as you will not be circulating the cold air from your home back to the furmace to be heated again.

How much will a cold air return cost to have it added to your furnace?

The cost is determined by the size of the grille. $.40/square inch

Do the return vents attached to furnace need to be closed when air conditioning is running?

Not really, there's not much airflow when the furnace is not running.

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price of a guardian furnace

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Need to know how much clearance where.

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How much iron is extracted in the blast furnace?


How much coal coke is needed to run a blast furnace for one day?

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How much clearance is need around 18000 volts to keep it from jumping to ground?

18000 volts clearance

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