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you don't put chlorine in the bath tub you put it in pool,and hot tubs, public water ect.

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Q: How much chlorine should be in the bath water?
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How much water should you give your gerbil in a bath?

dont give your gerbil a 'water' bath use chinchilla dust

How much chlorine is in water?

Different water suppliers add different quantities and different types of chlorine and chloramine. The only water that fish should be put in should have all the chlorine removed by either letting the gas evaporate off or by adding some commercially available "water conditioner" according to directions.

How much water does each singaporean use perday?

Singaporean sure use about 20litres for it drinking is about 900ml of water for each meal and we have to bath too so the rest of the water should use to bath.

How much chlorine should you add to 2 liters of water to keep it fresh for years?

2 tablespoons

How much water is there in chlorine bleach?

Answer#1Regular strength chlorine bleach is approximately 94.75% water by weight.

How much chlorine in tap water?


Can a child drown from consuming too much bath water?

Yes. Drowning is not about the amount of water the person is in but how the water enters the persons system. If the child gets too much bath water in their lungs at once without being able to spit it out they can drown. But...a child should NEVER be left alone in a bath long enough for that to happen....PERIOD!

How long should you water bath can salsa?

It depends on how much vinegar or citrus juice you use in relation to the fruit.

Should you add chlorine to your water?

Drinking water? Of course not! For the purification of the pool, maybe. That's why people who swim too much get red eyes...

How much water is there in a bath?

around 150L

Can water at home be making your blonde hair go green?

Blond hair can turn a greenish tint from chlorine but regular tap water from the faucet shouldn't be turning it green. All tap water has a certain amount of chlorine in it but it shouldn't affect you like that. You should look into where your water is coming from and find out how much chlorine is actually in it.

How much chlorine is okay to have in your tap water?