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Apart from pubic, armpit, and facial hair, which almost all men have, most (but not all) men have hairy legs to some extent, hairy forearms to some extent, and at least some hair on their chests (between the pectoral muscles or around the nipples). Now, many men have much less hair than this--and some have much, much more. All of these men are normal.

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Q: How much body hair does a typical man have?
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Where can hair grow?

Hair can grow anywhere on your body,man......

How much hair does a grown man have?

A grown man has hair all over their body. They have hair on their arms, legs, genitals, back, chest, abdomen, face, hands, feet and scalp. (Unless they're bald)** haha =P

What is Manscaping?

Manscaping is when a man shaves or waxes some of the hair from his body. This includes mustaches, beards, and other body hair.

What it the typical mass of a 6ft tall man?

Read on BMI (body mass index), for example, in Wikipedia. There you can find the typical mass for different heights.

How can someone grow more body and chest hair?

Unfortunately, it's all in your genes. However, men's body hair doesn't usually finish growing until they are about 30. So if you are a younger man with no body hair, it is likely that you will develop more body hair over time.

Compare the body cavity of frog and man?

The body cavity of a frog is much larger in ratio to its body than a man's body cavity is. A frog's body cavity is also much more condensed than a man's.

How much of a man's body is water?

Water accounts for about 60% of a man's body weight.

As you age what part of your body will be affected by poliosis and will if you're a man be vulnerable to alopecia?


How do you know if your turning into a man?

You gain body hair, height, weight and voice changes.

Can someone in his 40's grow chest hair?

By the time a man is in his 40s, he probably has all the body hair he is ever going to have.

The hair in a typical man's beard grows about 3.5mm per week. How much will the hair grow in October (Hint you must know the daily rate of growth.)?

3.5 mm in 7days 3.5/7 = 0.5 mm/day there are 31 days in OCTOBER 0.5 x 31 = 15.5 mm

When did hominids start losing body hair?

Fur is animal hair. Early man may or may not have had more hair than todays version. Science can only speculate.