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2 gallons

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Q: How much blood does human body have?
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How much blood in human body?

About 6 quarts

How much blood is in the the human heart?

4-5 ltrs in human body.

How much blood in the female body?

There is about 5.5 quarts of blood in the average human body. This is the equivalent of about 5.2 liters of blood.

How much blood is in the human child's body?

5 l

How much blood does the human body loose after decapitation?

about 90

How much blood is there in the entire human body?

approximately 6 quarts

How much blood does the human body reproduce in a minutehourday?

about 2 litres

What part of the human body wieghs twice as much as the human brain and receives about one third of the blood that cirulates through the human body?

The liver

What pumps blood in a human body?

Blood is pumped by the heart.

How much blood does one person have?

The average adult human body contains about 5 litres of blood.

How do the human body pump blood?

When your heart beat's it push's the blood around the human body.

How many gram of blood in human body?

There are .000373 grams of blood in an average human body.