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Q: How might the media influence a persons idea of a ideal body?
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Which are factors that might influence a persons political opinions?

all of these can be considered factors

Who does media influence?

In whatever form as soon to be described, the media influences people. In the past, there was basically one "media" that being newspapers, or even perhaps books might have been considered as media. Today we have "media" such as radio, TV, & the internet in addition to newspapers. These forms of media have a degree of influence, or try to, on how people think, will watch on TV, and whom to vote for. The news media can be found to try to directly influence peoples' minds by the news they present or news they leave out. TV, internet, newspapers, and radio run commercials on products & services to buy. They try to influence consumers. There are more examples that can be mentioned here, however, I tried to cover most of them.

What effects might negative media reprting have on both individuals and the wider society?

Negative media reporting can cause widespread panic if the information is of a national security nature. Negative media reporting can also influence how people react to each other.

How does the media influence youth?

The media has a very big influence on the youth today. These youth have access to the computer, magazines, and the internet where most of the media is located. Youth see their favorite actor, actress, or singer on t.v and the media might portray them as being a bad person. When the youth see them in the paper they might try and do what they see the celebrities doing. That's why the media should calm down on the celebrity lies.

What is social concern?

Social concern is when an individual or group is worried about a certain aspect of society. For example, parents may have social concern that violence in the media might influence their children.

What factors contribute to political socialization How might these factors influence one's political philosophy?

family, the media, friends, teachers, religion, race, gender, age, geography, etc.

What are two examples of how a president might use the mass media to influence the public?

To gain public interest by going on talkshows, radios, conferences, etc... To downplay other candidates

What might be the goals of psychology?

Its to describe, influence, predict, and to understand a persons behavior. For more information, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

Does the Media exert an undue influence on the American political process?

While it might be biased, the media definitely holds undue influence one America. Have you ever noticed that the candidates that get the most coverage, get elected? The media gains undue influence over the winning politician then, and what follows is uncomfortably close to the spoils system from the 1830's and 1840's. Also, the media is now able to use propaganda by exaggerating or obliterating information from world wide stories. The media is one reason that the international community is so anti- American. Simply because they only show the bad most of the time. Hope this answers your question and that I didn't just babble.

What might be prehistoric mans vision of the ideal woman and ideal man using the work of the cave of chauvet port d arc?

Lascaux using these works of art speculate on the vision that What might be prehistoric mans vision of the ideal woman and ideal man

What factors might influence Kyle's decision to jump?

What factors might influence kyle’s decisions to jump

Why is it important to be careful with the media you are exposed to?

Producers are often trying to persuade you of things that might not be good for you