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Q: How many years was Odysseus gone from Ithaca?
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What god or goddess is scared of Odysseus?

How many years was Odysseus gone for How many years was Odysseus gone for How many years was Odysseus gone for How many years was Odysseus gone for How many years was Odysseus gone for How many years was Odysseus gone for

How many men return with Odysseus to Ithaca?

NONE. Only Odysseus returns to Ithaca.

How many years did Odysseus travel on his entire journey?

Odysseus was ten years fighting the Trojan War and another ten years on his return journey, for a total of 20 years away from Ithaca.

Who was the Greek warrior from Ithaca?

There were many soldiers from Ithaca, but the greatest of them was Odysseus, the wily master strategist.

How does Odysseus show determination?

When Odysseus and his men saw Ithaca, Odysseus' men decided to open the sack of winds that Aeolus, the king of winds, gave them. This let out a storm that drove them back to Aeolia. Aeolus decided the gods hated Odysseus and his men and casted them out. Odysseus wanted for many years, hoping to return home. He did not give up. In Ithaca, Odysseus was determined to reclaim his "throne" or position in Ithaca and fought all the suitors who were living in his house.

How many of Odysseus' men were killed?

All of Odysseus' men are eventually killed before he gets to Ithaca.

Odysseus drifted at sea for how many days?

The voyage from Troy to Ithaca took 10 years, including long stays on various islands.

How do the Phaecians treat Odysseus?

In addition to clothing and feeding Odysseus, the Phaecians heap many treasures upon Odysseus and return him home to Ithaca.

What does Athena do for Odysseus?

Athena plays a big part in aiding Odysseus back to Ithaca. She acts as his guardian and helps him through many of his troubles and distresses. She reunites him with his son Telemachus and disguises him in Ithaca as a beggar. In the end she also reunites him with his wife Penelope after twenty years away from her.

How did Zeus influenced Odysseus?

Zeus hated Odysseus and was the cause of many of Odysseus's misfortunes. However, at the end of the story, when Odysseus returns to Ithaca, Zeus changes his mind about him and helps him defeat Penelope's suitors. this may have been because of Odysseus proving himself by perservering through 20 years away from home.

How many voyages did Odysseus take?

He took one journey that we know of. That journey lasted 20 years, but it was only one journey. He left Ithaca to fight the Trojan war. That lasted ten years. When he left he spent ten years being lost and finally made it back to Ithaca.

What island did the winds take Odysseus?

The winds took Odysseus to many islands, including Ithaca. After the bag of winds was released, he was sent back to Aeolia.