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Q: How many words in the average persons vocabulary in the 1600s?
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What is the vocabulary of an average person?

The vocabulary of an average person consists of 5,000 to 6,000 words.

How has William Shakespeare influenced the English language?

His vocabulary was larger than the average person. An average person's vocabulary is 10,000 words-15,000 words if you are really smart. William Shakespeare's vocabulary was over 29,000 words!!!!

How many words does the average person have in their vocabulary?

Over millions of words. A Kindergartener has about 50,000 words in their vocabulary and a Mental Issued person has 34,999 words.

What is the size of the average American adult's vocabulary?

About 10 words.

How large is the average persons vocabulary and how does William Shakespeare's compare?

Various sources suggest that the average person has a vocabulary of about 4000 words, whereas Shakespeare used between 17000 and 29000 different words in his works (it depends on what you consider to be different words). Any way you cut it, Shakespeare uses a lot more words than people now know or his audience then had heard of.

What percentage of the total words in English does the average American's vocabulary consists of?

According to the Harpers Index, the average vocabulary used by 6- to 14-year-old American children in their writing has fallen from 25,000 words in 1945 to 10,000 words today.

Sophisticated diction uses what kind of vocabulary words?

difficult vocabulary words

What Sophisticated diction uses kind of vocabulary words?

difficult vocabulary words

What is a sentence with the word vocabulary?

Slang words are not in my vocabulary.

What was the average word knowledge in william shakespeares day?

In the days of Shakespeare, the average vocabulary was around 300 words for common laborers, 3,500 for educated people, and 10,000 for eloquent speakers. However, Shakespeare's vocabulary is estimated between 17,000 and 29,000 words.

Vocabulary words and using them in a sentence?

What are your vocabulary words? you are so dum if u dont know this

What is vocabulary means?


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