How many versions of Ao Oni are there?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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As of October 2014, there are a total of 6 versions of Ao Oni.

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Q: How many versions of Ao Oni are there?
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Who is the protagonist of Ao Oni?

The main protagonist of Ao Oni is named the same as Ao Oni.

When does the Oni appear in Ao Oni?

One place that Oni appears in Ao Oni is in the library.

How many different kinds of Onis are there in Ao Oni?

There are 5 different character Onis in the game Ao Oni.

What are some 1st-tier games based on Ao Oni?

A few 1st tier games based on Ao Oni are Abe Oni, Aka Oni,Akame Oni, and Ao Oni Plus.

How many official novels are based on Ao Oni?

As of 2014, there is only 1 official novel based on Ao Oni.

Why is the Oni inside the mansion of Ao Oni?

It is thought that the Oni is inside the mansion because he was a former resident of Ao Oni.

What does the Oni look like in Ao Oni?

The Oni in Ao Oni is a creature with light purple skin and large black eyes.

What should you do when the Oni starts following you in Ao Oni?

When an Oni starts following you in the game Ao Oni, the only place to hide is in a closet.

How can you get to the foyer in Ao Oni?

The foyer will be the first place you enter in the game Ao Oni.

Who is the antagonist is Ao Oni?

There are a few antagonist of Ao Oni. This is a Japan horror game.

Who are the characters in Ao Oni?

Some of the characters in Ao Oni are Takeshi, Shun, and Jon.

What are the solutions to Ao Oni?

There are not solutions on the Ao Oni. This is a puzzle game that is made in Japan.