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Q: How many types of germs are there in the world?
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How many germs are in the world?


How many germs exist in the world?

One, your mom!

What can happen if you play with dead lizard?

You could get many types of germs, including salmonella.

What types of good germs are there?

Well, there are germs in your tummy/stomach/belly that break down food and bad germs to turn them into energy and harmless germs.

Why do you have to change blankets regulary?

There are many types of germs that are attracted to dirty things and then you inhale the germs and then causing you have a hard time breathing. Or ending becoming ill ( sick ) .

Types of germs?

Infantile Paralysis Microbe.

What are the two types of germs?

Bacteria, and Viruses.

How many types of guns are there in the world?

how many types of guns are there in the world?

What are two types of bacteria that scientist recognize?


Are there more germs in a Jacuzzi pool?

Germs, (in particular, certain types of pathogenic Bacteria) can proliferate in hot tubs.

How many germs are there in the whole wide world?

So Many! I Would Estimate About 72 Trillion. Hope This Helps(:

How many kind of germs are there?

how many differnt kinds of germs are there?