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Q: How many tons is a trane heat pump model number wphd051410aa310000000010?
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What year was your heat pump made?

Trane XL 1200 Model Number TWX030D100A1 Serial Number R3833PJ2F Manufactured Date was September 2000

Which is the best Trane heat pump?

Trane is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of heat pumps. They offer a wide variety of products that are designed to fit specific needs. There is no "best" model. For a complete listing of Trane products, visit the company's official website.

What does each digit represent in the model number of a trane heat pump?

Base unit model, design sequence, nominal capacity, voltage, phase, compressor type, refrigerant type, option1, option2 etc. etc. These are basic values included in all unit model #`s and are not in any order. For the proper nomenclature to interpret Trane model#`s look inside page 1 or 2 of your owners manual or try going to Trane online.

Who makes a over and under heat pump besides trane and bard?

I know of Trane and American Standard

Where can one purchase replacement parts for a Trane heat pump?

One can purchase replacement parts for Trane heat pumps from a few specialist sources. Among the companies that sell these parts are RepairClinic, AmericanHVACParts and Trane themselves.

Heat pump with best repair records?


How much do Trane heat pumps cost?

Trane heat pumps prices depend on the heating demands that the heat pump needs to meet. Trane heat pumps can vary in price from 650 dollars to over 7000 dollars depending on what you are looking for not including the cost of installation.

Which heat pump is better trane or tempstar?

never use trane, because I can't find a part to fix, they contract charge you huge.

Where are the cheapest Trane brand heat pumps?

Trane sells their own heat pumps through certified dealers and installers as well as online. To get the best deal look for rebates and coupons, one should buy from a certified seller.

Where can find one a price list for Trane heat pumps?

To find a price list for a Trane heat pump you can go to their website for information or research some information online. You can also call dealers in your area to compare pricing.

What is the tonnage for a twe048p130a0 twp048c100a3 trane split system heat pump?

4 tons

Where is a good place to buy a new Trane Heat Pump?

You can buy a new Trane Heat Pump online from Cross Heating & Cooling, Overcashier & Horst HTG, D.A. Mechanical or Reckingers Heating & Cooling. Alternatively, you can purchase this item from eBay.