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Q: How many tons is a goodman 130361bb ac unit?
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What is the tonnage of a Goodman heat pump model GSH130241AC?

GSH stands for goodman split heat pump 13 stands for 13 seer 24 stand for tonnage of unit AC is the revision of the unit

What is the tonage on a Goodman air unit model CK30-IT SN 9707065590?

2.5 tons denoted by the 30 in the model #. 30,000 btu divided by 12,000 btu = 2.5 tons.

What is the goodman ac unit model no cpj361ab tonage?

3 tons. The 36 stands for 36,000 Btu's. 1 ton = 12,000 btu's

What is the goodman air conditioner model number GSH130601AB tonage?

60 means 60,000 BTU's at 12,000 BTU's per ton ....that unit is 5 tons.....

How many tons is a Payne AC unit model SRD480AC01?

4 tons

How many tons in a carrier model 38YCC030340?

30 ton unit

Can you install GOODMAN furnace in horizontal position?

It would depend on the model of the Goodman unit.

How many sq.yd is 3 tons of rocks?

A square yard is a unit of area, two dimensional. 3 tons of rock is a unit of mass. The units are incompatible.

What ton unit is Goodman CPKE48-18?

Based on typical naming conventions - 18 - in the model number indicates 18,000 btuh nominal or 1.5 tons cooling. (The 18 is probably "1B" a revision sequence commonly found at the end of Goodman model numbers. This unit is most likely a CPKE48-1B, which is a 4 ton(48,000 nominal btuh).)

How many tons is 530bar?

Not. Ton is a unit of mass and bar a unit of pressure - one does not translate to the other.

What is the Goodman air conditioner model number CK30-1 tonage?

2.5 tons. The 30 in the model # indicates it is a 30,000 btu unit. 30,000 divided by 12,000 btu per ton = 2.5

Convert yards to tons?

You can't. One is a unit of weight the other length.