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89 times for the average African American

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Q: How many times you clean your room in your life?
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What does ump tin means?

Perhaps you mean "umpteen," an informal exaggerating expression meaning "many", used especially with "times." For example "I've told you umpteen times to clean your room!"

What is the difference between an aseptic room and a clean room?

aseptic room is a sterlised room but clean room appears to be clean but contains pathogenic organisms

What is the symbol for clean-room?

the symbol for clean room can be RM.BK

How does a clean room operate?

Clean room operates with a lot of function. When a room is clean, everything is in its place and can be found easily.

If you have spent 315 on supplies and use 4 for each room but it cost 25 to clean a room how many offices must you clean to get your money that you spent for supplies?


How does keeping your room clean make you healthy?

well, when u have your room clean, it makes u fell better and have a happy life, but when its not clean, you don't notice it but, you fall behind on sleep, get crabby, etc. when i have my room clean it makes feel fresh and alive!! and not dull and tired, when u feel better and have a better personality it make you healthy an d happy!!

How do you clean a teenagers room?

You seriously don't mean 'HOW do you', do you? It is their room, make them clean it.

How can you keep your room clean when you hate cleaning?

If you get something out, make sure you put it back before you leave your room. That way, you never have to clean a lot, and your room stays clean.

Is clean a verb?

Yes. It can also be an adjective. VERB: I clean my room every day. ADJECTIVE: My room is clean.

How much space may tooling occupy in a class 1000 clean room?

HI, Depends up on the size of room and size of tooling can keep how many you need. .Only thing to be taken care is that the tooling & machine is environmentally friendly and ensures a safe and clean room work environment. We use clean room class 1000, keeping many presses and tooling. Rasheed.

How do you totally clean your room?

Throw everything out, clean the empty room, and start over.

What clean room technicians do?

Almost any sort of job can occur in a clean room.