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Every other day. you shouldn't over wash your body! if you do all your natural oils will be gone. But if you do a sport that is a different story... you should take a shower every day to get that nasty sweat off your body:)

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Q: How many times should you wash your body?
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How many times should you wash?

Twice a day

Should you wash your hair first or body first?

I think you should first wash your. The dirt fromthe hair will be over your body & then you can wash your body.. :-)

When should you wash a puppie?

You should wash a puppy up after a month and wash it 2 times a week

Can you suggest a good body wash for my skin type?

You should try out a body wash for sensitive skin. There are many available in the market. Try Dettol's Sensitive antibacterial one. It is good.

How many times can you wash your dog with flea or die shampoo?

As Flea or die shampoo is completely natural you can wash your dog with this as many times as needed without any side effects although it is general recommended you should not wash your dog too often.

How many times should a person wash there hair?

It's more reasonable to wash your hair every other day, but it's suggested that younger kids wash their hair every other day, and teenagers and older should wash their hair every day.

How many times should you bathe per day?

At least once. You should also wash your hands after and before every meal.

How many seconds should you wash your hands before cooking?

it doesn't matter how many seconds you should wash your hand, but that you wash them thorougly

How many times Muslims wash the deceased body befoer burial?

The body is only washed once according to the Islamic traditions and then shrouded, then the ritual of funeral prayers before burial.

What is the difference between hand wash and body wash?

well hand wash is to wash your hands and body wash is to wash your body but you could use both of them for the same thing.

How often should you wash the hamster cage?

3 times a week

When should you wash a puppy up?

any time is good for a bath i would say atleast once a month