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Q: How many times should you urinate after drinking rescue ice detox?
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When should you use rescue detox ice?

always call the people at rescue for help on how to take their detox. they'll tell you what it works for, how and when to take it.

Is it okay to urinate clear into the cup after drinking flush out detox?

Clear urine means that you're hydrated. So, it's okay.

Can drinking bleach detox?

NO. If you count death as being detoxified, then yes.

Will rescue detox ice cranberry elixir cleanse you within an hour?

you need to call the rescue detox people for sure. if you just did drugs and then need something fast for a surprise test, the 32oz rescue detox will be your best bet.

When is the best time to go and take the drug test after drinking rescue detox ice?

you want to get your test over with as soon as you pee 3 or 4 times after drinking the detox ice and water. but don't take too long because the cleanse will only last about 5 hours. just call the number on the product and get directions.

Should I detox prior to beginning a new diet?

Generally speaking you do not need to detox before starting a new diet, your body will go through a detox process itself. You can aid this process by drinking more water during the day.

Will rescue detox and strip detox counteract each other?

No, but it doesn't matter since neither of them work very well to start with.

What are the best detox tablets to buy?

I know that U-test conducted a study and rated Rescue detox as the most effective detox in general. they make rescue ice caps, which are pills. the company's phone # is on the box and you can call them with questions.

Does rescue detox cover up meth?

Yes so far it is working

What is a good drug detox kit?

rescue has a good 5 day permanent detox, but if you're way over 200 lbs or you've smoked every day for a long time, you should get the rescue 10 day perm. 5 day was good for me since i weigh about 165 and was 4 days clean when i started it.

How long will 32 oz Rescue-Detox Ice bottle drink stay in your system?

3 hrs

Does ice rescue detox work for saliva drug test?

It does sometimes, but it will be dependent on how much of a drug is in your system.