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In the King James version

the word - heaven - appears 582 times

the word - heaven's - appears once

the word - heavenly - appears 23 times

the word - heavens - appears 133 times


the word - hell - appears 54 times

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Q: How many times is hell and heaven mentioned in the bible?
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Which word appears more in the bible heaven or hell?

It is hell it appears 117 times.

Where in the bible is hell mentioned as per homosexuals?

It's not. Hell is never mentioned in connection to homosexuals in the Bible.

How many times in the bible does Jesus mention heaven?

Depending upon which version of the Bible is consulted (Old Testament versus New testament) the estimate will vary between 140 and 240 times. The times "Hell" is mentioned, in contrast, is much more difficult to count.

How many times is the word hell mentioned in the king James version of the bible?

The word "Hell" appears 54 times in the King James Bible; it is also mentitoned under different names such as Hades (5 times), and Abyss (8 times)

How many times is fool mentioned in the Bible?

none because the bible says if you call even the poorest person a fool you will go to hell

Are you a Christian if you don't believe in hell?

You may still be a Christian, but it is important to believe in both heaven and hell, because this is what is mentioned in the Bible. Jesus refers to hell in various passages of the New Testament, such as in Luke 12:5

What did God create before Adam that appears in the bible only 4 times and will not be affected by heaven or hell?

the whale

Is heaven and hell actually in the bible?

Yes, Heaven is practically on every other page and there are many references to hell

How many references to hell in the bible?

The word "hell" is mentioned in the Bible approximately 23 times, primarily in translations of the New Testament. The concept of hell in the Bible can encompass different ideas, such as eternal separation from God or a place of punishment after death.

How many times is heaven mentioned in the New Testament?

Although I am not certain of the answer to your question if it is a number you are seeking, I think you could probably just enter that word into any Bible software or website and get your answer. The concept of Heaven is spoken of much more frequently than the actual word is used, though. And even more frequently spoken of is the concept of Hell, something that comes as a surprise to most people.

What are the release dates for Mysteries of the Bible - 1994 Heaven and Hell 3-9?

Mysteries of the Bible - 1994 Heaven and Hell 3-9 was released on: USA: 6 April 1996

How many times is the word hell mention in the Bible?

hell is the form of a nightmare world and is generally used in our lords holy book it is mentioned 462 times to be exact and is used to describe the worst place any1 can ever go. Praise God we have the opportunity to not go there. The word hell is mentioned 88 times in the bible: 64 times as the Hebrew word sheol in the old testament, 11 times as hades in the new testament, once as tartarus, 12 times as gehenna.