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Q: How many times do humans sneeze per day?
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How many times does your heart stop a day?

It depends on how many times you sneeze(:

How many times does a person sneeze every day?

Impossible to answer ! On most occasions, we sneeze because something has irritated the lining of the nose - therefore, a person might not sneeze once in a day. On the other hand - someone with flu may sneeze a hundred times in a single day.

How many times a day does a person with seasonal allergies sneeze?

If pollen counts are extremely HIGH, I can sneeze over 200 x a day

How many times does a human sneeze in their lifetime?

A human will sneeze millions of times during their lifetime. There is no way to count exactly how many actual sneezes will occur.

Humans laugh how many times a day?


How many times do termites fart in one day?

more than humans

How many times are dogs supposed to sneeze a day?

Definitely a lot. I found out that on average, dogs can breathe 15-30 breathes in just 1 minute!

What would make you sneeze often during the day?

i would sneeze my.........

How many times a day do you sneeze?

I sneeze 75 times a day. The average human sneezes 4-5 times a day. (I work in a pepper factory during the week) and I have terrible pollen allergies (I work in a flower garden on weekends) I am allergic to cats and dogs and foster both. (I probably foster 20 families a month) My fostered cat always curls up on my shoulder and rubs her body on my face when I'm trying to sleep (Those days I sneeze probably close to a hundred) My fostered dog sits on my lap and lays his head on my face and starts licking my nose when I'm trying to watch TV (Those days I probably sneeze 85) I sneeze more with cats than dogs because cats have more fur. And you won't believe this, but my animals SHED. Shed all around my house. But they mostly like to shed on my bed. Everything in my house is covered in cat and dog fur. And worse my friends think It's FUNNY! They always try to make me sneeze even more.

How many times a day do omnivores eat?

Humans and bears are omnivores so it depends if you like to eat or on a diet. from 2-3 to 4-5 times a day

Why do we say bless you after someone sneeze?

Because everytime u sneeze u lose a day of life\( ^.^ )/

How many human do humans literally eat?

Every day three times! This Question was answered by Tayler Bailey who is AWESOME!