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three times aweek is sufficient in one week

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Q: How many time take sauna bath and steam bath in one month?
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Can steam bath be followed by sauna bath How frequently can sauna or steam bath be taken per week What is the sequence and instructions for sauna and steam?

Yes, you can take a steam bath and a sauna bath in the same session, especially if you take some time and cool down between them. Many find that the health benefits of a sauna or steam bath can be maximized if you use them at least 2 times per week. You can take a sauna or steam bath every day if you wish.

What are the health benefits of a sauna bath?

There are many health benefits to a sauna bath. Many people claim that the steam from the bath open pores so that toxins can escape. Sauna baths are also very relaxing.

Can a diabetic use a steam room?

Yes, but you need to be careful if you are taking any medication. Many diabetes medications are either heat sensitive or can interfere with your body's cooling mechanisms. Using a steam room, sauna or other heat bath can be beneficial for diabetes sufferers. The Japanese have studied the affects and found that using a gentle heat bath ended up reducing the weight and fasting glucose levels of the study group.

Where can one find a 2 person sauna?

There are many places where one can find a 2 person sauna. This includes companies such as Zokiuk, The Bathing Place, Tylo Sauna & Steam and even online on Amazon.

What programs does Planet Spa offer?

Planet Spa offers many different programs mostly related to cleansing and massage. You can find a great deal of well known treatments such as sauna, steam bath, jacuzzi, and cleansing masks.

What's the best model of steam bath for the least amount of money?

There are many places online that give steam bath reviews. The best one to check out is Steam Showers Review at

How many bath should you wash your dog a A Month?

A dog should have one bath every week a month for optimal cleanliness.

How many times in a week is good to go for sauna bath?

As many times as you want with out you having to worry about health effects. Although it may dry out your skin.

Where can I get an outdoor steam shower?

There are many retail websites that sell outdoor steam showers. Some such online retailers are Outdoor Shower Shop, Steam-bath and Lily Pod.

How many times do you give a dwarf guinea pigs a bath a month?

Once or twice a month. You can do it beginning and end of each month or twice a month if it smells really bad.

Sauna Installation?

form_title=Sauna Installation form_header=10903 How many people would you like your sauna to accomodate?*= () Two () Two to four () Five to six () More than six Where do you intend to locate the sauna?*= () Indoors () Outdoors Please choose what kind of sauna you are interested in.*= () Precut sauna package available in standard sizes () Custom sauna made to your specific recommendations

How many times do you have to give your Labrador a bath?

Well since mine live outside we do it like once a month.