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there are 2 teaspoons in a dessert spoon

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Q: How many teaspoons in a dessert spoon?
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How big is a dessertspoon compared to a teaspoon?

A dessert spoon is about two teaspoons.

How many ml in a dessert spoon?

There are 10ml in a dessert spoon. (And 5ml in a tea spoon.)

How many grams are in a dessert spoon?

by my calculations i think that if a tea spoon equals 5 grams and a table spoon equals 10grams a dessert spoon shall be in the middle so i recon that a dessert spoon should have around 7 grams

What is the difference between a dessert spoon and a tablespoon?

A teaspoon is the smallest of the three common elongated spoons. A dessert spoon is the middle size. Tablespoons are larger and are most commonly used for serving or mixing, rather than eating.A dessert spoon used as a unit of measurement is two teaspoons, and a tablespoon used as a unit of measurement is three teaspoons, thus a tablespoon is 1.5 dessert spoons.Teaspoon = approx. 5 mlDessertspoon = approx. 10 mlTablespoon = approx. 15 mlThis is true for most English speaking countries except for Australia, where a tablespoon is defined as 20 ml, and so equals 4 teaspoons or 2 dessert spoons.No, a desert spoon is used for eating desert, a table spoon is bigger and used for serving vegtables.

How many grams in a dessert spoon?

All you'll get in a desert spoon is sand

Is a dessert spoon the same as a teaspoon?

No, a dessert spoon is larger.

Is a dessert spoon a tea spoon?


1 table spoon equals how many teaspoons?

3 teaspoons= 1 tablespoon

How many teaspoons makes up a table spoon?

3 teaspoons in 1 tablespoon.

How many tea spoon to a ounce?

6 teaspoons

How many teaspoons in 1 table spoon?


Can you estimate how many teaspoons are in 1 spoon?