How many shops does McDonald's have?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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MC donalds have fast food returants in 119 different countrys

There are over 30,000 McDonald's fast food restaurants world wide

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Q: How many shops does McDonald's have?
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is there free dialup or freefaster access in nyc?

No, but there is McDonalds that have free WiFi along with many coffee shops.

What US companies went bankrupt in 2008?

GE, the economy, McDonalds, Smith's Grocery Store, Local Bagel Shops, My House, and Many More.

How many Starbucks shops are in the US?

At last count there were 16,635 franchises in the United States. Starbucks has some thoughts of some day surpassing McDonalds in franchise numbers.

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how many Mcdonalds are in Canada

How many McDonald's are in Bulgaria?

Sufficient branches of the fast food chain McDonalds are in Bulgaria. The number is on a continual increase. McDonalds likes to open new food chain shops as usual. Expanding for more branches (what it may have needed!) is a priority of McDonalds, So numbers are change able

What US restaurant has the most total locations?

McDonalds with more than 30,000 shops in more than 100 countries.

How many take away shops in new zealand?

There's thousands but if you mean the actual chains then to name a few, McDonalds, KFC, Dominos, Burger King, Pizza Hut and Wendys. Any city bin New Zealand would have at least two of each and every city would have at least 5 McDonalds, KFCS, Burger Kings.

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