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One of the most wholesome shows on television......I believe the Waltons played for 9 seasons.

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Q: How many seasons were the Waltons on?
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How many seasons of The Waltons are there?

There are 9 seasons in total and then they made some movies also, But in the seasons john boy is not in a lot of them and neither is olivia because her contract was up that's why she had "tb" supposedly.

How many episodes are there of the Waltons?

The TV series "The Waltons" had 221 episodes along with 7 TV movies .

Will the waltons reunion movies and a decade of the waltons be out on DVD soon?

Yes, all the Walton's are out now on DVD. Seasons 1-9 and 6 specials that came out after season 9 ended. "a decade of the waltons" is the last episode on season 8.

How did Tom Bower and Judy Norton get along on the Waltons tv show?

On the TV show the Waltons, Just Norton played Mary Ellen and Tom Bower played her husband Curt. It appears that they got along in real life. The Waltons aired for nine seasons.

How many Waltons are billionaires?


Where can one purchase the Waltons DVD?

One may purchase DVD copies of the famous television series "The Waltons" at stores such as Walmart and Future Shop. One may also use Amazon to buy the different seasons of this classic show.

Who played the Reverend Matthew Fordwick for five seasons on The Waltons only to play a much randier character a few years later?

John Ritter

Why did they change John Boy actors on The Waltons?

Richard Thomas played the role until 1977. After five seasons, he left The Waltons to pursue other acting roles, and he probably was also afraid of being typecast. For the last two seasons, Robert Wightman played the role. Thomas returned in three reunion movies: "A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion" (1993), "A Walton Wedding" (1995) and "A Walton Easter" (1997).

How many seasons does Peru have?

how many seasons are there in your country how many seasons are in Peru

When was The Waltons created?

The Waltons was created on 1972-09-14.

Was there ever spanking on the Waltons?

yes therewas a spanking on the Waltons

Who is Ralph of the waltons?

Ralph Waite Played John Walton in The Waltons.