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okay, the US Navy SEALs were created in Vietnam, by JFK in 1962. They were used as a counter- guerilla force for the Vietnamese(NVA). The SEALs had such a bad-ass reputation, that they were called the men with green faces, relating to the face-paint camoflauge. There is no exact number but they were lots of places. SEALs also make up .05% in the US Navy. back in Nam, they didn't have lots of people in the Navy. so you could imagine how many SEALs were in service. (not a lot)

SEALs are the worlds most elite force, proven by the training regime known as B.U.D.S. and even before the training you have to get into a prep-school for training for B.U.D.S. that's how hard it is. and the PST scores have to be through the roof. SEALs are better trained then the SAS(special air service) because of their ability to do everything, everywhere and do it the best. SEAL stands for SEa Air and Land. SAS stands for special AIR service. they would fall In line with the Green Beret more than the SEALs.

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Q: How many seals served in Vietnam?
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