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Earl played in 12 regular season games against the Steelers and gained 683 yards.

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Q: How many rushing yards did Earl Campbell run for against steelers?
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Did earl ever gain over 100 yards against the steelers?

Yes ... Earl Campbell had one 100 yard rushing day against the Steelers, that coming on December 10, 1979 when he rushed for 109 yards in an Oilers 20-17 win.

Who has more rushing yards Billy Simms or Earl Campbell?

In college, Earl Campbell finished with 4,444 rushing yards and Billy Sims ended up with 3,813 yards. In the NFL, Earl Campbell had 9,407 rushing yards in an eight season career and Billy Sims had 5,106 yards in a five season career.

How many yards did Warren Williams have for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

From 1988 to 1992, Warren Williams had 1,191 rushing yards and 339 receiving yards for the Steelers.

Who is the Pittsburgh Steelers all time leader in rushing yardage?

Franco Harris is the all time Steelers rushing leader with 11,950 yards.

What team allowed the fewest rushing yards in a playoff game?

1979 Pittsburgh steelers allowed 24 yards rushing to the Houston oilers.

If the quarterback gets sacked for a loss does the the loss of yards go against his passing yards?

no it does not, it counts against his rushing yards

What team was held to just 17 yards rushing in a super bowl?

Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IX against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

How many rushing yards did the Pittsburgh Steelers have in 2009?

In 2009, the Steelers rushed for a total of 1,793 yards. The team was led by running back Rashard Mendenhall with 1,108 yards.

What team has the most rushing yards since afl-nfl merger?


Who holds the single game rushing record for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

James Harrison, 2008, 16 sacks - breaking Mike Merriweather's 1984 record of 15 sacks.

What was the total amount of rushing yards the Pittsburgh Steelers gained in 2010?

The Steelers rushed for 1,924 yards in 2010. Their leading rusher was Rashard Mendenhall with 1,273.

Who led the NFL in rushing yards in 1978 1979 and 1980?

Earl Campbell of the Houston Oilers led the NFL in rushing yards in 1978 (1,450 yards), 1979 (1,697 yards), and 1980 (1,934 yards).