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Q: How many rows of checkers to startthegame?
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How many rows are in checkers?

The chekerboard and chessboard are 8 rows long, 8 columns wide, and marked off in 64 squares.

How many checkers pieces?

24 pieces (12 of each color, 3 rows of 4 on each side of the board)

How do you put 9 checkers in rows of four?

take one out or put three in if you can

how can i make 10 using nine 9s?

wait not the discription srry

Arrange 9 checkers to make rows of 4 checkers to every row?

Technically, this is impossible as two checkers will always lie in a row. However, how about like this: ................... . @ ............. ..@ @ ......... ..@ ... @ ..... ..@ @ @ @ . ................... (@ = checker) (. = table top, used to ensure picture stays as designed)

How many checkers is the maximum in Chinese checkers?

60 pieces.

How many pages does Checkers - novel - have?

Checkers - novel - has 123 pages.

How many Checkers restaurants are there worldwide?

There are 800 total stores including both Checkers and Ralleys, the brand Checkers purchased a few years ago.

How many squares have no checkers on a checker board?

At the beginning of the game, there are 40 spaces that don't have checkers on them.

How many pieces are in Chinese checkers?

Chinese checkers is played by between 2-6 opponents, each of whom start with 10 men.

How many rows should you select if you want to insert two rows?

select 2 rows, the no. of rows you select will be the no. of rows to be inserted

How many checkers are in us?

I hope your asking how many Checkers restaurants there are in the U.S. not your body. If so there are 815 through out 23 states.