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Q: How many risks does the avrerage person take a day?
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What is a person wiling to take risks called?

A risk taker.

What sort of person would make a good explorer?

A curious person willing to take risks

What risks does a person take when they become the owner of a retail store?

i erased the answer you will never find it!!:)

What risks do pediatric nurses take?

what risks do pediatric nurses take? what risks do pediatric nurses take?

What are 5 characteristics of an explorer?

1. They love adventure. 2. They take risks. 3. They are their own boss. 4. They like being in command. 5. Strong person

Did Alexander Graham Bell take risks?

yes he did take risks

What is the name given to a person who takes financial risks in hopes of making a huge profit?

Investors Maybe speculator. Investors don't necessarily take large risks

What are cumalative risks?

It is something u do to take a risks

Why do entrepreneurs take risks?

Entrepreneurs take risks in order to make money. The bigger the risks they take the bigger the reward. The process is very similar to investors.

How can you make sure you do your homework while supporting people who want to take risks?

People need to take risks to achieve things, but there are people who should be supported and sometimes they have to be discouraged in taking risks because of perceived perceptions of the person's limitations. You have to realize their limits as they can easily hurt themselves by thinking

What risks did Muhammad take?

he taks all type of risks...

What risks did Francisco Vasquez De Coronado take?

What risks did Francisco Vasquez De Coronado take?