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4 or 5

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Q: How many questions in each category on Jeopardy?
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How many questions in each category in jeopardy?

five questions in each of the six categories for each round

What should you use for a Jeopardy board with questions about a book?

You should start your Jeopardy Board with a decision on the different categories that you will be using. You said it was a book and not a group of books or a category or series of books. It will be hard to find many categories with 5 questions in each category about a book, when you will need 6 categories for each round. You might start with a Wikipedia search on the book title. You can pick some of the characters in the book that you can also find 5 questions to ask and make them categories for your Jeopardy board. You might ask questions about the author in another category. Locations and events in the book can also be used as categories. Jeopardy uses facts to ask a question that lead to the answer. You can review and even search with a keyword an archive of the Jeopardy shows at the related link.

How many questions are there in the first round of jeopardy?

Technically none, as the jeopardy screen is a screen of answers. The players of the game provide the question to that answer. This is why all responses must be phrased as a question or points are not awarded.Another answer: The first round of Jeopardy has six categories, with five clues in each category. Therefore, there are 30 clues, each of which must be responded to in the form of a question.

Do you have any questions for you on the Olympics?

We have a category for the Olympics. That category has many sub-categories. Take a look around the category and pick questions you can answer.

How many squares are on the Jeopardy game board?

6 categories with 5 questions in both the Jeopardy and Double Jeopardy round total 60 Squares

Is there a way to see how many questions are in a topic?

Yes, when you go to a category at the top of the page under the category title you will see the total number of questions in that category.

How many questions are there in the Movies category on

As if 8:34PM EDT on 5/2/11 there where 158,700 questions in the Movies category.

How many questions are needed before a category can be created?

Generally, a category needs about 100 questions before being created. See 'related questions' for more information.

Where can you find out how many questions are in a category?

After the category title (and explanation if applicable), it says in bold 'Total questions ...' This is rounded up to the nearest hundred.

What questions have not been answered?

There are many questions which have not yet been answered. Click on "Unanswered questions" when you are in a category to see them all.

Why is the orangutan category popular for putting in things that don't belong there?

Due to a 'bot' glitch, many questions were accidentally put into the Orangutan category. This causes many irrelevant terms to connect with that category; for example, a lot of questions about specific dates in history were added there, so it's a recommended category for more questions of that type. In addition, many people don't pay attention to the category they place their question in, and it adds to the problem. Supervisors will get it cleaned up soon.

How many contacts can you have in a hotmail category?

50 contacts max in each category.