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Q: How many pound should an average 5'4 women weight?
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Average weight of women?

Average weight depends on height. If you're about 5 foot 4 inches you should be any where from 120-135.

Is the average weight of a fashion model lower than that of the average American woman?

Yes, the average weight of fashion model is lower than that of an average American women. Many fashion models are under weight of what they should be.

What is the average weight of a 5'7 26 year old girl?

The average weight of a girl that is 26 and is 5'7 should weigh around 152 pounds. Women in the Army should weigh around 143 pounds at the same height.

What is the average weight of a man and women?


What is the average weight of women worldwide?


Statists of average weight for women?


What is the average weight of an American women?

About 130pd

What is the average weight of women in America?


What is the average difference in weight between men and women?

The average weight difference between men and women of the same height and age is 10 pounds.

What is the average height of Italian women?

One study found the average weight of Italian women to be 135 pounds, with younger women being slimmer and women gaining weight as they age.

What should be the weight of person who is 156 cm height?

Average weight for a person with 162 cmm height is 60-75kg.

What is the average weight of women in UK?