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it depands of the square feet and location of the plot. say for example assume that plot area of 60 X 40 = 2400

1 acres = 43560

43560 / 2400 = approx 18 Plots

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to answer this question you need to know how big is a 'plot' ?

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Q: How many plots make an acre of land?
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How many plots of land make one acre of land in Ghana?

Six plots 90*100 makes one acre in Ghana

How many burial plots in an acre of land?

A traditional cemetery holds about 1250 plots per acre. If two people are buried per plot, the potential is 2500 per acre

How many square acre plots in sixteen square acres?

There is no such unit as a "square acre". The "acre" is a unit of area or coverage, as of a rug, a garden, or a building lot. 16 acres of land can be broken up into 16 individual plots of 1 acre each. The total land area of 16 individual 1-acre plots is 16 acres. The total land area of 347 individual 1-acre plots is 347 acres. etc.

How many canals of land are there in one acre?

An acre is 43,560 square feet. The number of plots that can be cut from the original acre depends on the zoning classification and restrictive covenants.

How many 40 acre plots in one square mile?

There are 16 40-acre plots in one square mile.

1 acre is how many plots?

A "plot" of land is just a term referring to a piece of property. It is not a unit of measure. A given plot of land could be less than an acre, or many hundreds of acres.

How many acres in Nigeria?

6 plots make 1 acre. 6 acres make 1 hectare. Therefore, 36 plots make 1 hectre.

How many yards make an acre of land?

43,560 square feet in an acre

How many burial plots per acre?

About 4,000 in most cemeteries

How many trees are in a single acre of rain forest?

There are as many trees as you want to have, the trees don't make the acre, the measurement of the land does...

How many plot of land are in 1000 hectares of land?

1 hectare is 2.47 acres 1000 hectares is 2470 acres 1 acre is 6 plots so 1000 hectares is 6x2500 anwer is 15,000

How many square feet make a plot?

A plot of land can be different sizes. I have had an acre plot, and a quarter of an acre plot. So they can be different.