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Kevin McDonald - Dundee United (youth) -Dundee

Paul Dixon -Dundee -Dundee United

Lee Wilkie -Dundee-Dundee United

Scott Roberson -Dundee-Dundee United

That's all i can think of

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One - Ron Yeats.

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Q: How many players have played for Dundee United and Liverpool?
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micheal owen has played for liverpool and man u

Which players have played Eveton vs. Liverpool Rangers vs. Celtic Dundee vs. Dundee UTD?

Duncan Ferguson, Richard Gough, Andy Gray Alex Cleland, thers is one more but cant remember

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How many times have Dundee United played Barcelona?

The teams have played each other in four competitive games. Dundee United have won all four.

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Michael Owen - Liverpool, Real Madrid, Manchester United

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Phil Neal, Peter Bearsley, Paul Ince and Ramon Calliste

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Phil Neal, Peter Bearsley, Paul Ince and Ramon Calliste

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The Liverpool player who plays for Findland is HYPIA

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