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100 hairs can fall a day

Approx. 80 hairs per day, but it can range from 50-100.

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Q: How many pieces of hair fall out your head every day?
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How many hairs fall out each day?

The average pieces of hair fall out of a persons head a day is about 80 pieces.

If daily head bath results in hair fall is it?

i am taking every day oil head bath still my hai is falling

How many pieces of hair are on your head?


What happens when hair does not fall?

It stays on your head .

How do you know if your alien is dead?

it will start it fall to pieces and its head will fall of that's what happened to mine

How many pieces of hair does a person have on its head?

Only Jesus knows.

How are clip in hair extensions applied?

To apply hair clips in extensions you need to part your hair from ear to ear to apply the shortest extension! Be sure to keep the rest of your hair separate! Attach shorter pieces to the sides of your head, and the longer pieces to the back of your head.

How do you have hair on your head?

because every human was born with hair

Why does hair fall out from beneath your arms?

The main reason you lose hair is that the hair has reached its lifespan. This hair will fall out to make way for new hair to grow in. each hair on the body whether in the head or on the body has a specific lifespan i.e. hair on your head will have an average age of 7 to 12 years then fall out to be replaced as the groweth cycle begins all over.

Can your hair fall out if you are not on your period?

You have about a million hairs on your head, at any given time your hair is falling out.

How can you have thin hair with extensions?

If you have thin hair, it's better you get a hair topper or pieces where you need them as opposed to a full head of extensions to reduce stress/strain on your already thin hair.

Does Head and Shoulder shampoo cause hair fall out?

No. There have not been any reports that Head and Shoulders shampoo has caused anyone's hair to fall out. It is actually a fairly gentle, moisturizing shampoo that is specialized for people with dry scalp (dandruff).