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Q: How many pieces of hair are on your head?
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How many pieces of hair does a person have on its head?

Only Jesus knows.

How many hairs fall out each day?

The average pieces of hair fall out of a persons head a day is about 80 pieces.

How are clip in hair extensions applied?

To apply hair clips in extensions you need to part your hair from ear to ear to apply the shortest extension! Be sure to keep the rest of your hair separate! Attach shorter pieces to the sides of your head, and the longer pieces to the back of your head.

How can you have thin hair with extensions?

If you have thin hair, it's better you get a hair topper or pieces where you need them as opposed to a full head of extensions to reduce stress/strain on your already thin hair.

How many pieces of hair does a horse have?

Far too many to count.

How many pieces of hair fall out your head every day?

100 hairs can fall a day Approx. 80 hairs per day, but it can range from 50-100.

Where can one buy hair pieces for women?

One can buy hair pieces for women at many beauty stores across the United States. The best store to buy hair pieces is Sally's Beauty Shop which is the best in America.

How many pieces of hair are in one person?

it all depends on if they like the taste of hair i guess

How many hair you have in are head?

A lot.

How does a french braid look?

A french braid starts near the top of the head, rather than at the nape of the neck. It creates an intricate effect down the back of the head, as more pieces of hair are added to the braid as it progresses. This also causes a 'stripy' effect around the braid where pieces of hair have been pulled in.

Where can one buy cheap clip in hair pieces?

There are many places one can buy cheap clip in hair pieces. One can find them online at Amazon or eBay. Also, retailer stores such as Claire's also sell clip in hair pieces at affordable prices.

What kinds of hair pieces are carried by Super Beauty Depot?

There are many kinds of hair pieces carried by Super Beauty Depot, however some of the more common ones are: Remy Hair, Weaving Hair. Lace Fronts and Clip-In Extensions.