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Q: How many people never wear underwear?
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Is it necessary for men to wear underwear?

i never wear underwear at the weekend and neither does my freind, were only 8! we do wear underwear at school though.

Do people not wear underwear under pants?

Some people do, but most people wear underwear.

Do women wear underwear under tights?

Some women wear underwear under tights and some do not. Tights are made to be worn without underwear, but many people do still wear them.

Do boys wear underwear under salwar?

I never wear underwear with shalwar. I used to wear shalwar, kameez and vest only. I wear underwear with my pants only.

Is it true that Paris Hilton didn't wear underwear?

no she does not and never will

Do the people of India wear underwear?


Can you wear compression shorts as underwear?

Of course! Many sports players wear it as underwear and not just for sports, even as an everyday underwear. There is no reason not to.

What is the average weight of underwear?

The answer depends on what you consider to be underwear and in which country. In tropical countries people are more likely to wear light underwear whereas during the winter people in cold countries are more likely to wear heavier underwear.

Why do people wear underwear when they have pants?

people where to wear pants so they do not eat cake

Why do girls sometimes wear no underwear?

Some people are more comfortable not wearing underwear.

Do you where underwear with compression shorts?

No, Infact some people wear compression shorts as underwear

How should you made your mother to bring a underwear if you never wear underwear till yet?

You should start by wearing hers.