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The potential for kids to use the internet as a weapon for bulling is enormous.

Estimating that more than 13 million children aged six to 17 were victims of cyber bullying, the poll also revealed that more than two million of those victims told no one about being attacked.

One-third of all teens (ages 12-17) and one-sixth of children (ages 6-11) have had mean, threatening or embarrassing things said about them online.

10 percent of the teens and four percent of the younger children were threatened online with physical harm.

16 percent of the teens and preteens who were victims told no one about it.

About half of children ages 6-11 told their parents.

Only 30 percent of older kids told their parents.

Preteens were as likely to receive harmful messages at school (45 percent) as at home (44 percent).

Older children received 30 percent of harmful messages at school and 70 percent at home.

17 percent of preteens and seven percent of teens said they were worried about bullying as they start a new school year.

8 percent of those effected by cyber bullying try to commit suicide.

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Q: How many people kill themselves in a day from cyber-bullying or bullying?
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Why is it that young people kill themselves from bullying?

Young people kill themselves because those young people don't want to feel bad and just want to die for they wont suffer anymore

When is the right time to kill yourself from bullying and cyberbullying?

There is never a right time to kill yourself from any kind of bullying. You must stand up against the bully and keep reporting them to the authorities where it is happening. You are better than any bully, you just need to accept this for yourself. Bullies have problems in their lives that cause them to behave the way they are. They may be being bullied themselves or having an abusive upbringing. There are many reasons for it. They need help and support, just as much as you do as the victim. Just make sure you tell others about what they are doing and never accept what the bully tells you. If you report what is happening then it will stop. Sometimes you just need to keep reporting it before people take better notice. Good luck with this and have a happy life once this awful phase has been sorted.

How many suicide's relate to bullying?

alot all around the world when people bully other people that person might get tired of getting insulted and torchered that they my try and kill themself or try and kill the person

Why should a Person Kill Themselves from Bullying or Cyber-Bullying?

It is always a tragedy when anyone commits suicide. Bullying feels very painful to the person being bullied. They may feel like a prisoner to the pain the bully puts them through day after day and it hurts very much. The pain they feel seems like it will never end, so they may take drastic measures. Later in life the bully may realize the weight of those actions and suffer as well.

How did April Himes kill herself from bullying in the year of 2000?

April hung herself in her bedroom after she was bullied.

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How many people kill themselves cause of bullying?

more then a thousand a year

Why is it that young people kill themselves from bullying?

Young people kill themselves because those young people don't want to feel bad and just want to die for they wont suffer anymore

When a Victim Kills Themselves from Bullying or Cyber-Bullying can they Kill Themselves again in Heaven or Hell?

no you should all ready know that

How many kids kill themselves bcause of bullying?

13 million

How many teens a kill themselves because of bullying a day?


Why is it that so many young people kill themselves from Bullying or Cyber-Bullying?

Because some kids can't handle the pressure of being bullied so it gets into their head and makes them feel unwanted and unneeded.

Can bullying kill you?

yes it can kill you.

How many people kill themselves every minute?

About 1.9 people kill themselves every minute

What can the police do about cyber bullying?

yea. and the people will get in HUGE trouble. but its better to be anonymous

How many people try to kill themselves over bullying in New Zealand?

Too many (The exact number is not disclosed). New Zealand, to its shame, has one of the worst bullying rates in the world . . . but the John Key Government is looking into the problem . . . a problem that must be addressed by the whole community in order to be successful.

Do people kill themselves for being single?

No but they can be depressed for being single and the depression can make them kill themselves.

Are emo people killing people?

I really don't think that's true but the answer really is no.NOT at all no that's an outrage. I would agree, Emos don't kill other people, i don't remember ever killing anyone. Others might say "well if they are not killing others then they are killing themselves" and i would disagree with that, because they are not trying to kill themselves, they only cut themselves because of their emotional pain and people are totally not helping when they start bullying them which might cause then to commit suicide.