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Typically, there are approximately 30,000 US deaths due to firearms in the US each year.

In 2007 according to the Centers for Disease Control Faststats and the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control WIQARS Leading Causes of Nonfatal Injury Reports:

48,676 people were intentionally shot who survived. (NCIPC)

18,610 people were unintentionally shot who survived. (NCIPC)

17,352 suicides (intentionally shot themselves who died) (CDC)

12,632 criminal firearm deaths (killed in a crime by guns) (CDC)

This does not include deaths of people intentionally or unintentionally shot for legal reasons (Like the police shooting a suspect).

The above total is 97270 people shot in the US in 2007. About a third (29984) died, and it is likely that the total number of Americans shot is at least 100,000 given that all types of gunshot injuries/deaths are not included.

In the US, every day during 2007, about 266 Americans were shot. Every day, a third of them (82 daily) died.

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Q: How many people get shot by someone using a gun each day in the US?
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