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Q: How many parts of the Apollo 13 rocket break off as it leaves earth's orbit?
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How many parts of a rocket are supposed to break off as it leaves the earths orbit?

it is 2

How many parts of the rocket are supposed to break off as it leaves the earths orbit?

It depends upon the design of the rocket- different rockets have different numbers of stages (parts)

How much force does it take to break away from earths gravity?

force in horse power for rocket at the time of launching

Why do rockets and spaceshuttles break up when travelling in space?

The only reason for the rocket is to fire the shuttle out of the earths atmosphere, once in space the rocket is no longer needed and there for they detach.

What kind of force is needed to launch rocket ships?

to break off from earths gravity they need to reach speed of 11.2 kilometers per second

When was Break It Up - Rocket from the Crypt song - created?

Break It Up - Rocket from the Crypt song - was created in 1998.

What is a A break in earths crust?

A fault

A break in the earths crust?

the answer is focus

Where is Team Rocket after Goldenrod?

After you beat them at the radio tower, they break up team Rocket again.

Why did they name it Apollo when it went to the moon?

Apollo was the Greek god of music and he occasionally drove the Sun around the Earth in his golden chariot to create the sunrise and sunset, when Helios, another Greek god, was "retired" or on break. He was also somewhat the god of discovery and innovation, as some have said, so when the NASA personel were brainstorming names for their rocket, they made the relation of their soon-to-be ground-breaking feat. They continuosly named their spacecrafts Apollo, as in Apollo 11, 3, 8, ect...

Did anything break on Apollo 11?

No not at all it was a very successful moon mission.

A zone of weakness or a break in earths crust is known as?

a fault