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8 + 4 wisdom teeth

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Q: How many molar teeth do humans have?
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How many molar teeth humans have?

8 + 4 wisdom teeth

How many molar teeth an adult have?


What is premolar?

A premolar is a tooth situated in front of the molar teeth - in humans, it is between the canines and the molars.

Do meat eating dinosaurs have molar teeth?

Yes! meat eating dinosaurs do have molar teeth. The molar teeth are found at the end of the mouth.

What does a creature eat if it has sharp pointed square and flat teeth?

Sharp teeth are for eating meat, flat teeth are for eating plants, vegetables, etc. Ex: Canine teeth on humans are for meat, molar teeth are for plants

What are all the teeth called In humans mouth?

I believe that the teeth in a human's mouth are simply called "teeth". If you meant to ask about the specific terms for each part of the teeth in a human's mouth then.. 1. Central Incisors - Front and most center 2. Lateral Incisors - Next to the Central Incisors 3. Canine - the fang like tooth 4. First Pre-Molar 5. Second Pre-Molar 6. First Molar 7. Second Molar 8. Third Molar

What are the teeth?

Molar teeth are the big teeth placed in the back of the mouth. In decidious teeth (baby teeth), kids have two molar teeth on each side, up and down, right and left, for a total of 8 molar teeth. In adult teeth, people have three molars on each side, up and down, right and left, for a total of 12 molar teeth, which includes 4 wisdom teeth.

What teeth do hippo's have?


Do hippos have teeth?


What or the name of the 4 teeth?

Pre-molar, Molar, Incisor and Canine

What is a good sentence with the word molar?

I had all of my molar teeth removed.

Which organ in the mouth helped you to break the bread into pieces?

the organ in mouth that helped you to break the bread into pieces are molar,pre molar,and six-molar .